General Copper Scrap Recycling

You can also get the best price when recycling your general copper scrap with us.

  • Scrap copper solids.
  • Scrap copper non-solids (Copper turnings, copper dust, copper chips and etcetera).
  • Scrap copper breakage (Scrap motors, scrap transformers, scrap copper windings).
  • Old plumbing pipes & copper water tanks.


Our service is also ideal for demolition because We Deliver Large, Medium or Small Copper Scrap Bins to Your Site so you can keep your site clean and organised.


We have extensive knowledgeknow how and integrity because we deal in all forms of scrap copper. Giving you the best price for your copper while also giving you the best service is what we do best.


No matter what your copper scrap consists of…

  • 90% copper
  • Copper Clippings
  • Copper Punching
  • Burnt Copper Wire
  • Soldered Copper Wire
  • Copper Tubing

We can certainly assist in recycling your copper scrap as presented.



*Volume conditions may apply for scrap pick-up.